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Quick Energy Saving Tips

Welcome to Home Smart Energy, here you will find ten top tips to follow to ensure you get the most out of your energy usage, which in turn will REDUCE YOUR BILLS, and LOWER your CARBON FOOTPRINT.

No matter your situation, we have got youcovered. You can save money no matter where you are or who you live with, we are committed to helping you SAVE MORE MONEY YEAR in

Are you ready to save up to £375 a year* on your energy bills?

Did you say yes? – Awesome, keep reading!

When you say yes to saving that money you are also saying yes to taking responsibility for the energy you use in your home – so give yourself a pat on the back, this is where you get to reclaim your power – quite literally.

Listed below are our 10 top quick tips check them out and have a think about implementing them as soon as you can


Save up to £28* per year with your washing machine

Use these simple tricks:


Save up to £60 per year by avoiding your dryer

We totally understand how easy it is, to throw the clothes in the dryer, pull them out and where them! But… If you can use:


Save £25*per year with your brew

How many times a day do you boil your Kettle? Do you overfill it? We know you do! But it’s ok, you are not alone. Thousands of households do exactly the same. Check out these simple tricks to save you more money with your next brew


Save £14 per year with your Dishwasher

Yes you can save money with your dishwasher and put your rubber gloves away!


Save £55 per year by ditching YOUR Standby

When was the last time you turned your appliances off at the switch? Standby burns electricity when you are not using it! OUCH. Use these tips to save your money.


Blackpool Illuminations in your home cost an extra £20 per year!

This one is a simple tip and will save you from hearing “This is not Blackpool Illuminations” when in the company of the older generation

When you enter or leave a room, it’s best to hit the switch! Turning the lights off will save electricity and in turn more money in your pocket.

Another great tip, we love to share is the magical effect of LED Bulbs. They are super cost
effective and last longer than ordinary bulbs.


Take a shower instead of a bath

A 4 minute shower, can save you £12 a year on your energy bills. Some of us might enjoy a long soak in the bath, but swapping just one bath a week with a 4-minute shower could save you £12 a year on your energy bills.


Save £70 a year with a 4 minute shower

Keeping your shower time to just 4 minutes could save a typical household £70 a year on their energy bills.


Stopping letting the Draught in.

We know you don’t deliberately let the draught in, but as your home ages, some heat will be escaping through the windows and doors, the gaps in the floor and if you have one… the chimney!

Professional draught proofing can save you approximately £45 per year. If you love DIY this can also be very cost effective!


Focus on your insulation

Keeping your home insulated is not just about the loft, windows, doors, floorboards or chimneys… it’s also a good idea to insulate other things such as your water tank, hot water or heating pipes and your radiators too.

Buying British standard jackets, using thin foam sprays or other items purchased from your local DIY store are simple ways to keep the energy costs low and your heat in. Ultimately saving you up to £35 per year.

Now let’s go make those quick changes to save you more money.
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HomeSmartEnergy solar panels engineered to operate flawlessly in real-world environments.

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We ensure your solar panels operate with uncompromised performance and dependable results.

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We deliver more energy over a system’s lifetime, powering your path to more predictable savings.

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Firstly, we’re an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products, & solutions to our clients globally

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The price for household energy supply has been all but skyrocketing for the last couple of decades.

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This system will always aim to minimize your property using power from the grid. If there is power in the battery, and the renewable source is not covering the house load, it will deploy power before calling on the grid.

EV Charger

homeowners will benefit from grid-tied microgeneration systems, like wind or solar generation.

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Jennifer HancoxJennifer Hancox
21:00 24 May 22
Very impressed and pleased with the efficiency and very pleasant demeanour of all those involved with the installation of solar panels on our roof. The surveyor was very helpful; PRS Scaffolding gave plenty of warning before erecting and and dismantling the scaffolding; the solar panel team and the electrical engineers worked well with the minimum of mess. Special thanks to the very patient engineer who set up the App on my tablet! Just amazed how much electricity is generated on a sunny day. Thanks Home Smart Energy.
Scott JomoScott Jomo
11:00 25 Mar 22
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly - perfect combination for an investment as large as solar panels. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Well worth calling them. Never had a bad phone call with them. Exemplary customer service! Never bothered writing reviews before, but I have for this company. Call them - best decision you'll make.
Jon BoughtonJon Boughton
19:50 14 Feb 22
Homesmart Energy Supplied and installed solar panels plus an integrated inverter & battery system for our house under Surrey's "Solar Together" scheme. Very good service, good equipment, and installed in less than a day. Arranged for survey and scaffolding, so it was all well planned and executed. All paperwork done for us to enable ready application for a feed in tarriff, and followed up with full documentation pack + insurance backed warranty scheme. All said, very well done.
James CheethamJames Cheetham
17:45 11 Feb 22
Abs brilliant! The work took just a day. Thanks to Patrick and Jace for installing the panels so quickly and Simon for working to complete the electrics on the same day. On line and working great.
Steven HirdSteven Hird
17:16 11 Feb 22
All aspects of the installation were well-communicated. Everyone involved (surveyor, scaffolders, panel installers, electricians, office staff) were friendly, helpful and efficient. Where things needed changing, they were quickly resolved. All round, a great service.