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Will I be able to use my panels or battery in a power cut?

All inverters in the UK legally have to sense grid voltage to supply power. If there is a power cut the panels will stop producing, the inverter has a cut-out in it to ensure the panels don’t feed any power back to the grid when there is a power cut.

If your panels were to continue producing in the event of a power cut, it could endanger the safety of engineers working on or repairing the grid.

You will not be able to use your panels or sell anything back to the grid during a power outage.

If you want to take advantage of your battery unit(s) during a power cut, we can provide an Emergency Power Supply unit (EPS). However, this means a completely separate circuit so another fuse board would have to be fitted to the battery. This could supply a double socket and a set of lights up to the maximum output of the battery which is 3kW. This EPS unit will not power your entire home in an outage and will only work if the battery has charge too.

How much power will my panels generate and how much will I save?

You are provided with a performance estimate and savings table on your survey report after the on-site surveyor visit. We aim to give you the most accurate figures possible but please note these are not a guarantee of performance or savings.

When do I get my post installation certificates/documents?

We aim to get your documentation and certification to you within 14 working days of the settlement of the final invoice. This will include the necessary documentation to apply for a Smart Export Guarantee with your electricity provider.

How do I register for a tariff to get paid for the excess energy I send back to the grid?

You need to contact your energy provider and ask to sign up for their Smart Export Guarantee tariff (SEG). They will send you an application for you to fill out and also ask for some documents, an MCS Certificate, which is sent in your handover documentation, and a DNO notification approval, which is sent to you via email seperatley.

You need a smart meter to be able to claim this tariff, so if you haven’t already got one, contact your supplier to get one installed.

How are panels installed on a flat roof?

The most common way we install panels on a flat roof is flat on dense concrete blocks. The mounting frame is attached all as one piece and weighed down by the blocks, which makes this method of installation extremely stable and secure. This pitches the panels flat, parallel to the roof face.
We can install panels at an angle on a flat roof on ballast weighted tubs, this gives the panels a 15-degree pitch – please note you may not be able to fit as many panels with this configuration due to shading restrictions.

Is my roof strong enough for solar panels?

The onsite surveyor will take a look at your roof from the inside the loft space and outside to assess the condition. In our experience, most roofs in good condition are able to take a load of at least 100kg/square meter. On average our systems weigh 25kg/square meter with an additional snow tolerance of 10kg/square meter.

How can I tell how much power my solar panels are producing?

We provide you with a physical mounted meter in your installation which will tally up the total amount of power your system has produced since it has been installed (we commonly refer to this as a generation meter).
You are also provided with an app which gives you live readings on how much power your system is producing in that exact moment, the app also gives you daily, monthly, yearly and total production figures.

I have birds in my area, how do I stop them nesting under my panels?

We offer a bird mesh solution which is a strong PVC coated aluminum mesh that attaches to the exterior of the panels and acts as a barrier to stop birds nesting underneath the panels.

Do I need planning permission to get solar panels?

In most cases no, however, if you have a listed property then you will need to get planning permission. For more information please follow this link

Who is responsible for registering my system with the national grid?

Every Solar PV system needs to be registered with the national grid and local District Network Operator (DNO). As the solar installer, we are responsible for contacting and applying for grid approval on behalf of the homeowner. You may be required to sign a document to allow us to gain this permission on your behalf if your system size is over a certain threshold.

Please bear in mind, it can take anywhere from 2 to 12 weeks to hear back from the DNO about a grid application.

Why does it look like I’m drawing from the grid and not my battery first?

Every home’s consumption fluctuates constantly and regularly throughout the day, kettles, tumble dryers, lights, and turning the telly on will have an effect on the amount of power your home is consuming.

There will be instances when your home will draw from the grid before your battery, this is a necessary feature of the battery management system/inverter and is designed this way to ensure the longevity of the battery life.

If the battery kicked in exactly as and when it was needed, and there was no ramp up or down of power requirement, then the battery life would be considerably shortened.

Because of this, there may be times when it appears on your monitoring that the home is drawing power from the grid before the battery. This is perfectly normal to see, and you should see over time that the battery kicks in to supply the power.

(Please note, the app will only update every 5-6 minutes and readings are not real-time)

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Jennifer HancoxJennifer Hancox
21:00 24 May 22
Very impressed and pleased with the efficiency and very pleasant demeanour of all those involved with the installation of solar panels on our roof. The surveyor was very helpful; PRS Scaffolding gave plenty of warning before erecting and and dismantling the scaffolding; the solar panel team and the electrical engineers worked well with the minimum of mess. Special thanks to the very patient engineer who set up the App on my tablet! Just amazed how much electricity is generated on a sunny day. Thanks Home Smart Energy.
Scott JomoScott Jomo
11:00 25 Mar 22
Professional, knowledgeable and friendly - perfect combination for an investment as large as solar panels. Happy to answer any questions you may have. Well worth calling them. Never had a bad phone call with them. Exemplary customer service! Never bothered writing reviews before, but I have for this company. Call them - best decision you'll make.
Jon BoughtonJon Boughton
19:50 14 Feb 22
Homesmart Energy Supplied and installed solar panels plus an integrated inverter & battery system for our house under Surrey's "Solar Together" scheme. Very good service, good equipment, and installed in less than a day. Arranged for survey and scaffolding, so it was all well planned and executed. All paperwork done for us to enable ready application for a feed in tarriff, and followed up with full documentation pack + insurance backed warranty scheme. All said, very well done.
James CheethamJames Cheetham
17:45 11 Feb 22
Abs brilliant! The work took just a day. Thanks to Patrick and Jace for installing the panels so quickly and Simon for working to complete the electrics on the same day. On line and working great.
Steven HirdSteven Hird
17:16 11 Feb 22
All aspects of the installation were well-communicated. Everyone involved (surveyor, scaffolders, panel installers, electricians, office staff) were friendly, helpful and efficient. Where things needed changing, they were quickly resolved. All round, a great service.